Start of the season 2017

  1. Our fields wintered well, all varieties without exception.
  2. The start of picking strawberries in 2017 is May 22, 2017; finish is July 5, 2017.
  3. In this season we propose the berries of the following varieties: Alba, Asia, Clery, Honey, Galyachiv.
  4. Small lot – 50 kg per day.
  5. Wholesale lot – 500kg up to 5 tons per day.
  6. Picking and delivery are each day.
  7. The wholesale prices of fresh strawberries are changed each day depending on the proposal on the market.
  8. The volume of fresh strawberries is 200 tones.
  9. The frozen strawberries we will be able to deliver from 01.07.2017.
  10. The volume of frozen strawberries is 150 tones.