Fresh strawberry

     Our berry is being shipped chilled and packed into 0, 5 kg boxes. When picking the berries are sorted by highest and first classes. If the customer wants we can pick the berry in returnable container.




We calculate the wholesale prices individually for each customer depending on the size of lot.


In season 2015  varieties which we sell:


Asia – very sweet, delicious taste exceeds Clery in sugar. Asia’s berry is treated as elite berry and our customers fully agree with that.


Clery is variety № 1 per sales, very sweet and firm berry, the most popular variety among our customers.


Honey is sour-sweet berry, which darking in day after picking, that’s why it is important to pick the berry not ripened. Honey is very popular in the period of frozen.


Galyachiv is very sweet berry with pink color, white pulp, which is not usually for customer.